Max Saidi UK Session Drummer

A brief introduction

I started playing drums aged 10 having been inspired by friend and world-renowned session percussionist Frank Ricotti. It was then I decided music was the career for me!

Since taking my first professional gig at 15, I've worked with the likes of Bebe Rexha, Peter Andre, Will Young, The Wandering Hearts, Shane Filan (Westlife), David Klotz (Music Supervisor Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Stranger Things), Wil Malone (Producer Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath) and Italian superstar Gianna Nannini on her No.1 Platinum selling album 'Inno'.

With this experience and knowledge gained over the years from recording in some of London's top studios, I have invested a great deal of time (and money!) into sourcing the best gear around so that I can provide studio-quality results from my own remote recording studio.

Some of the people I've played drums for (and still do!)

Peter Andre Max Saidi

Peter Andre

Shane Filan Max Saidi

Shane Filan

Gianna Nannini Max Saidi

Gianna Nannini

Bebe Rexha Max Saidi

Bebe Rexha

Wil Malone Max Saidi

Wil Malone 

Will Young Max Saidi

Will Young

Chris Bolster Max Saidi

Chris Bolster

Outside of my studio

From live sessions at London's Abbey Road Studios to performing on national television -
here are some other things I get up to outside of my studio.

Live Session, Abbey Road Studios, London UK

The Jonathan Ross Show – Bebe Rexha, ‘Last Hurrah’

“Max is one of a kind. He is down to earth, and extremely easy to work with. He has integrity, and never fails to put his heart into his work.”
Happy Client USA
Gilbert T.J
Producer / Songwriter
How WantDrums.com began
The rise of remote recording

How it all began

2011 - 2019

Discovering the problem

WantDrums.com was born out of the frustration of musician friends of mine who were fed up with programming drums or using drum loops in their songs.

Traditionally, in order to have live drums on your songs you would need to find the appropriate studio space (ideally an acoustically treated room), plus all the gear required to record the drums themselves; preamps converters, microphones etc. All of that alone will run you into thousands – and that's before you've even sourced yourself a drummer!

Finding the solution

Recognising that budgets are tight for most, in 2011 I decided to set up a unique 'Online Drum and Percussion Recording Service'. Working out of my own studio, musicians, bands and producers send me their tracks via email, I record the live drum tracks at my place and then I email the high-quality drum files back to them. This means there’s no hiring studios, engineers or drummers. It’s quick, easy and most importantly it's affordable!

WantDrums.com is now recognised as one of the leading drum recording services on the internet and clients such as Sky, EMI Records, Channel 4 TV, HBO and many more use me for drum production – be it soundtracks, commercials, albums and more.

I'm not the only Online Session Drummer out there.

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