Testimonial #243 from Oliver O, Songwriter, UK

“Great job. Many thanks!” Oliver O, Songwriter, Exeter, UK

Testimonial #242 from Keian B, Songwriter, UK

“Max is an exceptional drummer and is always a pleasure to work with. I’m a repeat client and he is always my go-to-responsive, talented and efficient. I can’t recommend him enough.” Keian B, Songwriter, Kent, UK

Testimonial #241 from Tim P, Producer / Songwriter, UK

“Absolutely impeccable service. Every time I use Max, he produces incredible results!” Tim P, Producer / Songwriter, London, UK

Testimonial #240 from Tony G, Guitarist / Songwriter, USA

“Like it. You should try, if you need a cool drum track.” Igor K, Band / Songwriter, Russia

Testimonial #239 from Tony G, Guitarist / Songwriter, USA

“The best indie rock, new wave, punk, and rock recording drummer on line. Max is the real deal, I love the drum tracks I get from him. Fast turn around and great energy.” Tony G, Guitarist / Songwriter, Louisville, USA

Testimonial #238 from Laura S, Songwriter, UK

“Thanks Max, amazing playing and quality of recording! Thanks for being so quick and flexible with the changes i wanted to make. Will definitely use again.” Laura S, Songwriter, UK

Testimonial #237 from Robert M, Producer, USA

“A rock steady pro drummer who plays what the music requires!” Robert M, Producer, California, USA

Testimonial #236 from Stephen M, Songwriter, UK

“I’ve wanted real drums on my songs for a long time and what Max has done was perfect. It’s like having Keith Moon playing on my song. Great communication and edits were no problem at all. Give him a try , you won’t regret it.” Stephen M, Songwriter, West Auckland, UK

Testimonial #235 from Laura K, Songwriter, UK

“I’ve just worked on my first (of many, I hope!) projects with Max, and found him to be friendly and amenable throughout the process. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to communicate stylistic preferences / adjustments / etc working in this way but it was really easy and Max couldn’t have been more […]

Testimonial #234 from Gavin L, Songwriter, UK

“Using a session musician for the first time is a little daunting for a hobbyist like myself, but I’d grown so tired of never feeling able to ever actually “finish” anything due to the synthetic sounding drums that I thought I’d take the plunge. Max is absolutely awesome. If anyone is thinking that maybe they […]