Live Custom
Drum Tracks

Recorded by Online Session Drummer Max Saidi

Max Saidi UK London Drummer

“If you're a Songwriter, Band or Producer in need of professionally recorded live custom drum tracks - you've come to the right place. My mission is to bring your songs to life with well played and properly recorded live drum tracks, because I know what a difference great drums can make to the sound of a recording. And I know what a difference a great recording can make to a band.”

“Having a real drummer on your music, feeling that feeling of a human-being behind an organic drum kit, is just something that cannot be replicated

Al Clayton, Film Composer
Pinewood Studios, UK

Why choose me?

Experience and Approach

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on so many different projects for countless songwriters, bands and producers. I’ve always strived to be as versatile as possible, from the sound of my kit to the way that I play, and most importantly, being a musician – not just a ‘drummer’. My approach has always been to play for the song – not throw as many licks around the kit as possible – unless I’m asked to of course!

Quality Over Quantity

I’m extremely passionate about recording drum tracks with great groove and feel, and not just churning through as many tracks in one go as I can. I never take on more work than I can manage, sometimes this can lead to slightly longer turnaround times during busy periods, but trying to squeeze in sessions leads to lower quality drum tracks and, while that might be an approach for some drummers out there, my goal is quality above all else.

Studio and Gear

There are so many variables to getting a killer drum recording. The room the drums are recorded in and the preamps and converters used to capture them are a vital part of achieving studio-quality drum tracks. I am proud to use Audient preamps and Universal Audio converters – the result of this combination captures the clarity, depth, and full dynamic range of the kit. You can find out more information about the gear I use here.

  • No more lifeless drum loops in your songs
  • No more hours spent programming intricate drum tracks
“I wasn't sure how easy it would be to communicate stylistic preferences / adjustments / etc working [remotely] but it was really easy and Max couldn't have been more helpful. The drumming and recording quality is top notch. BONUS - I didn't have to help anyone drag their kit into a studio!”
Laura K
Songwriter, Bristol, UK

Past and current clients include…

  • Songwriters, Bands & Artists
  • TV & Film Composers
  • App creators for iPhone/Android
  • Drum loop libraries
  • Bands without a drummer
  • Cover bands using my drum tracks to play along to live
  • Hobbyists who want the feeling of jamming with a live drummer on their favourite songs
  • Producers looking for a cost effective and affordable alternative to hiring session drummers
Max Saidi UK Session Drummer
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If you have a song ready for drums, or have some questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.