My guarantee

I offer the best guarantee you will find in the online session world. I don’t ask for any payment upfront, deposits – nothing. You only pay once you’re 100% happy.

100% satisfaction guarantee. You only pay when you're completely happy

I’m so confident you’ll love my drum tracks and the service I provide that I offer the best guarantee you’ll find from any online session drummer. I don’t ask for any up-front payments or deposits, so you only pay once you’ve listened to your drum tracks and you’re 100% happy with them.

100% royalty-free. You own the rights to the drum tracks recorded

Once you’ve paid for your drum tracks you own the rights. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. Credit can be given to WantDrums.com if you want, but I’ll leave this up to you.

100% confidential. Your music will never be shared with anyone

Your music will never be shared with anyone. Sometimes I like to share the work I've done via social media, but this is only ever done so with permission from the original artist / composer.

Max Saidi UK Session Drummer
Want to talk about your project?

If you have a song ready for drums, or have some questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.