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Live Custom MIDI Drum Tracks – Played 100% Live

With some of the best samples and drum software available, any sound is achievable with MIDI drums. From big roomy sounds to 808 samples; whatever you want, it’s possible.

Any Sound to Meet Any Project

After much research and experimentation with acoustic and electronic drum kits, my view is that the very best technology now offers a sound that is equal to an acoustic recording.

With this in mind, I have invested in the latest equipment and can provide top-quality live MIDI drum tracks for any project. These are recorded on my Roland TD-12 V-Drums kit using audio samples from the likes of Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3 and Addictive Drums. You get the best of both worlds; you will receive the MIDI file from the session plus all the individual audio stems so that you can mix the drums as if mixing an acoustic kit.

Oliver Amberg WantDrums.com Client

“It’s not a big secret that I am using drum samples on our albums. For me it’s just easier to have the opportunity to change snares, whole kits etc. than to have just one drum sound. Max is an extraordinary musician and it feels like he’s a real band member, even though we never met.”

Oliver A, Songwriter & Producer, Switzerland

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What you get:

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You will receive multitrack files as WAVs ready for you to mix right away within your software (Logic, ProTools, Cubase etc).

Depending on the sample library used, there can be anything between 5 to 15 individual stems to mix. These will consist of (but not limited to):

  • Snare mics
  • Hi-hat mic
  • Kick drum mics
  • Tom mics
  • Overhead mics
  • Room mics
  • And more

You will receive the MIDI file from the session, so you can tweak the parts or use your own sample libraries to suit.

Your session will be charted out and set up to a click.

Up to 3 revisions to your track. The first take you receive is labelled V1. As part of the price we can go up to V4. If we exceed V4 further amendments will be charged at £8 GBP per subsequent revision.

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of times I have clients tell me about poor communication when using similar services in the past. As part of the price, you will receive direct and timely communication throughout the process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You don't pay until you are completely satisfied. This ensures you walk away with drum tracks you love!

Pricing Guide

Prices vary depending on the length of a track. I don't charge extra for 'complex' songs because that's just not fair! Tracks up to 3 minutes in length are £50 GBP, with prices slightly increasing thereafter. I will always send you a quote before any recording takes place so there won't be any nasty surprises!

Discounts for Larger Projects

Discounts are given for bigger projects if all the tracks are done in one go. That way I can get the kit set up exactly right for your project, and give all my attention to your project with minimal changes needed between songs. Recording this way gives you the best results.

Secure Payment via PayPal®

As mentioned above, you only pay when you're totally satisfied with your drum tracks. Once you're ready to pay, all payments are made via PayPal® to ensure a hassle-free experience. Residents of the UK can pay via BACS payment. All major currencies accepted.

choose from a number of

Session extras

Your session filmed

Have your session filmed in high definition – £15 GBP

Your session filmed

Filmed in HD, this is often used by clients as a ‘making-of’ to their project, or simply something to share on social media / YouTube etc.
£15 GBP
Online Mixing & Mastering Service

Stereo Mix & Master

Have your drum tracks mixed and mastered – £12 GBP

Stereo Mix & Master

If the idea of mixing drums from scratch is a little daunting then I can provide you with a mixed and mastered stereo .WAV of your drum track. Using top of the range monitoring equipment you can be guaranteed a stereo mix that sounds consistent on your best speakers, right the way through to your iPod earphones!
£12 GBP

MIDI drum tracks

  • Individual Stems
  • MIDI File
  • Up to 3 revisions


As WantDrums.com is a fully remote based service, I’m pleased to say that it’s business as usual during this time. All enquiries will be answered within 24 hours as usual. You can find out my current turnaround time on drum tracks here.