WantDrums.com heard on TV!

I'm always pleased to hear that my work is being enjoyed by others, but it's incredibly cool when you find out it's broadcast on TV!

I was recently contacted by Montenegrin-based music producer, Bole Martinovic, to play and record drums for Durda, a Montenegrin singer and songwriter.

We arranged to record the tracks remotely, with me sending the recorded files back to Bole once I was done – the wonders of remote recording, eh!

It was pretty cool to find out, a few weeks later, that Durda was premiering her new single on live TV in Montenegro - with my drum tracks!

It's great to discover where the drums I record from my studio end up, and it's always so refreshing to be part of some great projects.

Thank you, Durda and Bole, for choosing WantDrums.com!