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It can be a big decision asking someone you’ve never met before to play drums on your songs, here are some testimonials from folks who have made the jump. I wouldn’t expect you to read them all, but as you can see, I’ve recorded drums for a fair amount of musicians across the globe!

Video review by Al Clayton - Composer, Pinewood Studios UK
Video review by Kyle Brauch - Songwriter, Chicago usa
“A rock steady pro drummer who plays what the music requires!”
Happy Client USA
Robert M
Producer, California, USA
“I’ve wanted real drums on my songs for a long time and what Max has done was perfect. It’s like having Keith Moon playing on my song. Great communication and edits were no problem at all. Give him a try , you won’t regret it.”
Happy Client UK
Stephen M
Songwriter, West Auckland, UK
“I've just worked on my first (of many, I hope!) projects with Max, and found him to be friendly and amenable throughout the process. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to communicate stylistic preferences / adjustments / etc working in this way but it was really easy and Max couldn't have been more helpful, plus the drumming and recording quality is top notch. BONUS - I didn't have to help anyone drag their kit into a studio :D”
Happy Client UK
Laura K
Songwriter, Bristol, UK
“Using a session musician for the first time is a little daunting for a hobbyist like myself, but I'd grown so tired of never feeling able to ever actually "finish" anything due to the synthetic sounding drums that I thought I'd take the plunge. Max is absolutely awesome. If anyone is thinking that maybe they need a real drummer on their track, he won't let you down. Communicates clearly, delivers impeccable quality and interprets stylistic requests perfectly. Highly recommended.”
Happy Client UK
Gavin L
Songwriter, London, UK
“My home-studio is not big enough to give space to a drummer. That’s life. However, for the first time, a drummer was there, worked with me, answered to what I was asking for, and made propositions too… About 1000 kilometers between us? No matter! When you work with Max, distance isn’t a problem: he answers quickly to your mails, plays your songs with talent and professionalism, sends you the tracks in a few days. And you know what? It SOUNDS so good! Big thanks for the job, Max! My next album is a work in progress… and you brought a lot of progresses to it!”
Happy Client Switzerland
Bernard L
Songwriter, Bern, Switzerland
“Fantastic. Amazing feeling and sound. Professional, fast, really polite and easy to work with. I’ve sent him my idea of groove played with midi drums and got back much more than i expected. His drums simply breathe and take arrangement to another level.”
Happy Client Serbia
Alekander S
Songwriter, Belgrade, Serbia
“Dealing with Max is very pleasant and effective: I got in a few days "free demo" + "V1" and "V2" of my final recording (you can have up to V4 with the initial price). The quality of both audio recording and drumming is great :)”
Happy Client Italy
Federico T
Songwriter, Rome, Italy
“I have been working with Max now for quite some time. He is an incredibly talented musician - one of the best drummers I have ever worked with. He is reliable, polite, responsive, collaborates easily, and on top of that - is a really nice guy! His performance is faultless, and his ability to communicate well while producing fantastic drums every time, makes Max an absolute standout!”
Happy Client Australia
Melissa T
Songwriter, Queensland, Australia
“I can only say good things about my experience with “Want Drums”. Max was super professional and very fast even with the time delay from California to London. I gave him a drum track recorded on an iPhone for him to duplicate and he really took it to the next level. I will for sure be getting more tracks done from him in the future.”
Happy Client USA
Sam D
Songwriter, California, USA
"Max is an excellent drummer and working with him is a pleasure. Great communication and fantastic results - Max's attitude and responsiveness is excellent. Highly recommended!"
Happy Client UK
Michal F
Songwriter, UK
“I have been using Max's 'want drums' service for a while now and all expectations have been met and exceeded. A phenomenal Musician whose attention to detail and professionalism will breathe life onto your track! Whether a bedroom songwriter doing your first song or a seasoned musician doing your 'one last album' finale, Max will give it 100%. Quick, Easy, Affordable and a pleasure to work with! I could not recommend him enough! GREAT JOB! Thanks Max”
Happy Client UK
Tommy R
Songwriter, Tring, UK
“Max is a complete pro, follows direction really well, nothing is too much trouble, turns things around really quickly, and the stems we finish up with are always spot on.”
Happy Client UK
Ian P
Songwriter, Oxford, UK

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