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Happy Clients

From London to Nashville, read what hundreds of musicians & producers have to say about my service!

It can be a big decision asking someone you’ve never met before to play drums on your songs, here are some testimonials from folks who have made the jump. I wouldn’t expect you to read them all, but as you can see, I’ve recorded drums for a fair amount of musicians across the globe!

“Working with Max was much better than I could have imagined. He is a great drummer and immediately got the right mood for each song. Great communication and fast turnaround. Max understood exactly what I needed each time and implemented whatever I asked for perfectly. Having drums played live on my songs really made a huge difference and was much better than any machine could ever have been. Fantastic work and highly recommended."
Happy Client UK
John M
Songwriter, London, UK
“When I first looked up session drummers I found a few online session drummers that were flashy and overpriced for the quality they provided. However, when communicating with Max you gain a sense of humility about him. He communicates quickly and efficiently. He approached my song as if it was his own. Bringing a new life to this worship song. I have definitely have found the drummer for the rest of my projects. Max you are awesome!!!! More to come bro!!!!”
Happy Client USA
Evron S
Producer, Tennessee, USA
“The experience with Max from WantDrums is incredible. He’s such a good Drummer (and such a nice guy btw) that although he nails it and plays very precise, the drums breath and are very lively and vivid. He knows what a song needs and his soulful play is very beneficial to the music. The recording is great and so easy to mix. I love it and know who I will contact in the future whenever I need a drummer.”
Happy Client Germany
Frank H
Singer/Songwriter, Karlsruhe, Germany
“Max is an excellent, solid drummer, was delighted with the job he did on my song! Very good communicator also, swift replies, and no problems with little tweaks and further revisions to ensure I was 100% happy with my finished drum track. Highly recommended!”
Fergal N
Singer/Songwriter, Limerick, Ireland
“The contact was easy and so was the transfer of the files - I sent Max a LogicProX file in which he recorded great drums - I took the first take he sent me, he immediately got the essence of the song and provided high quality drums recordings. From the moment I contacted him to when I had the recordings it only took only 3 days!”
Happy Client Switzerland
Mike K
Songwriter, Switzerland
“I typically start out mixing by time aligning what I have for drum tracks. I quickly realized that I was wasting my time doing this with what Max had sent me. His microphone technique is solid. Not to mention a great performance as well. His service is as advertised and I highly recommend!”
Happy Client USA
Josh T
Waterboro, Maine, USA
"Your drumming is superb, your musical instincts are "on the money", and your service is quick and friendly."
Happy Client UK
Steven D
Songwriter UK
"If you are looking for drum tracks you’d be crazy not to use WantDrums.com! Max is incredibly easy to work with, has excellent communication, and quickly interprets your wishes. It’s like he has ESP! The end result is professional drum tracks that would have cost you two to three times as much at your local studio, and in my experience wouldn’t have sounded half as good. This is a no brainer, do yourself a favour and go all in now. Top shelf drum sounds and performances await!!!”
Happy Client Canada
David C
Songwriter, Newfoundland, Canada
“Max is a pro and you can hear that right from the start. He communicates throughout the process and you get a lot of bang for your buck! I will definitely rely on Max and his skills again!”
Stefan M
Songwriter, Austria
“Incredible playing and timely delivery. This is the second time I've been working with Max and I can't wait for the next session!”
Happy Client Italy
Carlo G
Songwriter, Milan, Italy