How Remote Drum Sessions Work

Remote drum sessions are quick, easy and affordable – you'll wonder why you've never considered it before! From sending me your song(s), to receiving your drum multitrack files – you'll have live drums on your music in no time!

1. Get in touch

To kick things off, get in touch with details of your project. We can discuss this over email or phone, whichever you prefer. I’ll then provide you with a quote for the session.

2. Your drum tracks are recorded

I’ll go away to my studio and record your drum / percussion tracks within 48 hours.

3. Listen and approve

Once I've recorded your drum / percussion tracks, I’ll send you an Mp3 mix of your track with my drums mixed in. At this point we can discuss any changes / amendments – at no extra cost.

4. Download your files securely

When you're 100% happy, you'll receive an invoice with a secure link to make payment. Once payment is made you'll receive a download link to download the high-res files. Once downloaded, you'll be able to drag and drop them straight into your DAW (Logic, Cubase, ProTools etc) and start mixing!

“I have spent hours and hours programming drums for my projects and always felt my best efforts never stacked up to what a real drummer could accomplish. With a click of my mouse, I was able to send Max a demo of a song I was working on. Fast forward 24 hours... Clicked on the link to review my song and what happened next was nothing short of amazing!”


Pricing details

See my rates for various drum track options Logo.png

Live Custom Drum Tracks for Songwriters, Musicians & Producers

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