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A little about me...

My name’s Max Saidi, a passionate musician (and coffee lover!) who chose the noisiest instrument to play as a child – hats off to my parents for buying a 9-year-old a drum kit. That was brave...

Having picked up a pair of sticks from a young age and being inspired at the time by my best friend’s dad – who just happened to be world-renowned session percussionist, Frank Ricotti – It was clear to me that a career in music was all I wanted to do.

Since taking my first professional gig aged 15, I've travelled and worked with so many incredible musicians, bands and people, and had some amazing experiences along the way.

Most recently I’ve played and performed with the likes of Bebe Rexha, Peter Andre, Will Young, The Wandering Hearts, Shane Filan (Westlife), David Klotz (music supervisor for Game of Thrones and Stranger Things), Wil Malone (producer for Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath) and Italian superstar Gianna Nannini on her No.1 Platinum-selling album 'Inno'.

I’ve also had the pleasure of recording drums at some of London's greatest studios (Abbey Road, RAK and more). In 2011 I decided to use this first-hand experience and knowledge to offer musicians around the world with a unique ‘remote drum recording service’, whereby I would record drum tracks from my studio and email the recordings back to them. You can read more at the bottom of this page if you like...

Some of the people I've played drums for & still do...

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Recording Drummer Online

Outside of the studio

From live sessions at London's Abbey Road Studios to performing on national television – here are some other things I get up to outside of my studio.

Live Session, Abbey Road Studios, London UK

The Jonathan Ross Show - Bebe Rexha, 'Last Hurrah'

“Max has an incredible feeling for music and an outstanding feeling for what a song needs. He delivers organic sounding drums, that take my songs to the next level.


The reason behind

2011 – 2021

Discovering the problem was born out of the frustration of my musician friends who were fed up with programming drums or using restrictive drum loops in their songs. They felt it was letting their music down and getting in the way of the creative songwriting process. All they wanted was a great drummer to lay down some killer drum parts that would help take their songs to the next level. But that came at a cost...

They were faced with two options; hire a commercial studio and session drummer for the day or record a drummer in their own space. That space would in itself need to be geared towards recording drums properly, such as acoustically treating the room, for example.

Then there's all the gear involved in recording the drums, such as; preamps, microphones, cables, mic stands and the drums and cymbals themselves. Either of those two options would end up costing a huge amount of time and money.

Finding the solution

Having gained so much invaluable knowledge and experience recording at studios in and around London, in 2011 I invested a great deal of time (and money!) in setting myself up to record drums remotely from my own studio.

The idea was simple; I would offer my services to those who wanted access to a live drummer to play and record on their music. They would send me their song, I would record the parts remotely from my studio and email the high-quality recordings back to them – no matter where in the world they were.

Since the creation of I have had the pleasure of recording drum tracks remotely on countless projects, working closely with self-releasing artists right the way through to large TV productions and soundtracks. I'm also thrilled to be recognised as one of the industry-leading drummers online.

I'm not the only Online Session Drummer out there...
So why choose me for your next project?