Live Custom Drum Tracks by Online Session Drummer Max Saidi

High-quality, custom drum tracks delivered within 48 hours.
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Max Saidi, WantDrums.com Online Session Drummer

A remote drum recording service providing custom drum tracks to musicians worldwide.

Finding a good recording drummer can be tricky, and opting for drum loops can leave you with lifeless and unoriginal drum tracks that don't do your music justice.

WantDrums.com is a remote drum recording service that offers you an easy and super-convenient way of getting studio-quality drum tracks on your songs without the hassle and expense of hiring a studio, drummer and engineer.

You can get high-quality drum tracks by simply sending me your song via the web. I will then record the drums at my recording studio here in London, England and send them back to you within 48 hours for you to mix into your song.

For 11 years and running, countless bands, artists and producers have used my recording service (some of which have gone to no.1 in the iTunes charts!) for their projects and never looked back!

Online Drum Recording Service


SKY International WantDrums.com
Soviet Science WantDrums
4 Music WantDrums.com
ITV WantDrums.com
Sonnox Plugins WantDrums.com

Studio-Grade Drum Tracks Directly to Your Inbox

Say goodbye to those lifeless drum loops you've been using or the hours spent programming intricate drum tracks – give your single, EP or album the pro-drum treatment it deserves!


Remote Session Drummer

No More MIDI Programming
1. Live organic drum tracks, played by a real drummer

Spend your time writing great music – not programming drum tracks or chopping up lifeless drum loops.

Drum Tracks in 48 Hours
2. Save time, money & frustration

By hiring an online session drummer, you save time & money by not having to hire a studio, engineer and drummer separately.

Professional Drum Tracks
3. Studio-quality results from the comfort of your home

With top-notch drums, cymbals and recording gear, you can be guaranteed the highest quality output, every time.

Remote Drum Recording Studio


What People Are Saying

“Absolutely impeccable service. Every time I use Max, he produces incredible results!”
Tim Prottey-Jones WantDrums.com

Tim Prottey-Jones


What sets me apart from other online drum recording services?

WantDrums.com started in 2011

I've been providing musicians with quality drum tracks for 11 years and counting.

300+ testimonials

From Trustpilot to Facebook & Google, I have an enormous number of client reviews. Read reviews here.

Studio-grade recordings

I've invested a lot of resources in sourcing some of the highest quality gear around so that you get stellar drum tracks.