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Online Drummer for Hire

#1 Remote Drum Recording Service

Live Custom Session Drum Tracks for Songwriters, Bands and Producers
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Online Session Drummer Max Saidi

Welcome! My name's Max, a UK-based drummer and one of the leading online session drummers providing professional drum recordings for musicians and producers worldwide.

Finding a good drummer can be tricky, and opting for drum loops can leave you with lifeless and unoriginal drum tracks that don't do your music justice. is an affordable remote drum recording service that offers you an easy and super-convenient way of getting studio-quality drum tracks on your songs without the hassle and expense of hiring a studio, drummer and engineer.

You can get high-quality drum tracks by simply sending me your song via email, then I will record the drums at my studio here in London, England and send them back to you within 24 hours for you to mix into your song.

For 11 years and running, countless bands, artists and producers have used my online drum tracking service (some of which have gone to no.1 in the iTunes charts) for their projects and never looked back!

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Custom Drum Tracks direct to your inbox in 24 hours

Say goodbye to those lifeless drum loops you've been using or the hours spent programming intricate drum beats – by using my online drum recording service, you can give your single, EP or album the pro-drum treatment it deserves!

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Online Session Drummer

Coles 4038 Remote Drum Tracks

Super convenient 

When hiring me to record remotely on your tracks, you instantly get access to me and my studio from anywhere in the world. You save time and money by avoiding studio fees, engineer fees and travel costs.

Custom Drum Tracks Online

Studio-quality recordings

With 12+ years of experience as an online session drummer, I can offer high-quality drum tracks that are professionally recorded, which will help elevate the overall production value of your music.


Highly flexible

Working exclusively remotely as an online session drummer means I can offer greater flexibility as I can provide quick turnaround times and quickly and easily dial in the right drum tones for your song.

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What people are saying
Craig T. Fall, Producer
“His drum sound mixed so well in the track!”
“Max took a difficult arrangement and made it sound amazingly tight and smooth, with a huge groove factor.. And his drum sound mixed so well in the track!”

Craig T. Fall

Producer & Guitarist

Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys

What is the difference between a regular "session drummer" and an "online session drummer" (also known as a "remote session drummer")?

While traditional session drummers typically work in person with musicians and producers in a recording studio, online session drummers like me work exclusively remotely with clients from anywhere in the world.

With the technology available today, I can receive music files from my clients, record my drum parts in my own professional studio, and then send the drum tracks back to the client for mixing.

This means that clients have access to high-quality drum recordings without the need for a physical studio space or the added expenses that come with hiring a traditional session drummer.

How does remote drum recording work?

The process starts with you sending me your song files and brief. I record the drum parts in my studio using high-quality recording equipment and send back a mix for your review. After the mix is approved, I will email the full-quality drum stems back to you. And that's all there is to it! Remote drum recording is incredibly efficient and convenient.

How do I hire an online session drummer?

Hiring me as an online session drummer is very quick and easy; contact me to discuss your project and get a quote. Once we settle on the project details, you can send me your song files, and I will get to work!

How do you ensure that the drum tracks you provide are custom and tailored to my specific project?

I take great pride in delivering custom drum tracks that are perfectly suited to your song. To achieve this, I work closely with you to understand your vision for the drum parts, including any specific styles, grooves, or rhythms you have in mind. If you're unsure of what you want me to play, then leave this up to me!

I also consider the other instruments in the mix so that the drum tracks complement and enhance the song's overall sound.

With my years of experience and expertise, you can be confident that the custom drum tracks I provide will elevate your music to the next level.

What types of music can you record drums for?

As an experienced session drummer, I have recorded drums for a wide range of genres and styles, including rock, pop, country, funk, R&B, jazz, and more. Although, I'm not the guy for you if you're after drums for metal.

Whatever you're looking for, I can help bring it to life with custom drum tracks that serve the music!

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