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Hello! My name is Max Saidi and I'm an...

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From my personal recording studio here in the UK, I spend my time recording live custom drum tracks for people from all over the world and I email the drum recordings back to them.

Whether you’re making music as a hobby, a professional record producer, or someone who simply doesn’t have the space, facilities or time to record drums properly, my unique recording service could be the solution you’ve always been looking for.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about your project!

Live Custom Drum Tracks

Recorded & sent to your inbox within 48 hours

Say goodbye to using lifeless drum loops and spending hours programming drum tracks on your songs and give them the pro-drum treatment they deserve!

benefits of using an

Online session drummer

No More MIDI Programming

1. No More Lifeless Drum Loops or Programming

We've all been there – spending hours programming intricate, lifeless drum tracks. Now you don't have to!

Drum Tracks in 48 Hours

2. Save Time, Money & Frustration!

Save time and money by not having to hire a studio, drummer and engineer. I'll have your drum tracks recorded and sent back to you within 48 hours!

Professional Drum Tracks

3. Studio-Grade, Professional Results

All drum tracks are recorded using pro-gear. Download your multitrack files and start mixing from the comfort of your own home/studio

Tim Prottey-Jones WantDrums.com

“Absolutely impeccable service. Every time I use Max, he produces incredible results!”

- Tim Prottey-Jones, Songwriter & Producer, UK

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