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Acoustic Drum Tracks

Bespoke Live Custom Drum Tracks – Recorded Through Industry-Leading Preamps, Converters and Microphones

With top-notch recording gear and a selection of modern and vintage drum kits, plus a wide choice of cymbals, you can be guaranteed a drum sound to compliment your song perfectly!

Professional studio-quality drum tracks

If you want the absolute best in studio-quality drum tracks, this is the option for you. Your drum tracks will be recorded in my purpose-built studio, which has been acoustically treated to ensure the drums sound the best they can. Meticulous attention is given to each microphone placement, ensuring there are no phase problems.

Sculpt the sound you want in the mix stage by utilising the array of microphone channels (14 in total!) used to capture the kit.

Coles 4038 Remote Drum Tracks

“Absolutely impeccable service.

Every time I use Max, he produces incredible results!”


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Online Drum Tracks by Online Session Dru
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Pricing guide

I have moved away from a fixed pricing scheme. Every project is different, with varying levels of complexity and requirements.

Prices typically range between £80 – £110 per song.

You can request a quote from me below, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

All quotes include:

14 studio-quality multitrack files

You will receive up to 14 raw multitrack files as WAVs ready for you to mix right away within your software (Logic, ProTools, Cubase etc). These are recorded at 44Khz, 24bit unless specified otherwise. These consist of:

  • x1 Snare top
  • x1 Snare bottom
  • x1 Hi-hat
  • x1 Kick in
  • x1 Kick out
  • x1 Sub kick
  • x2 Rack toms
  • x1 Floor tom
  • x2 Overheads
  • x1 Mono Overhead
  • x2 Room

Session setup

Your session will be charted out and set up to a click.

Up to 3 revisions FREE

Up to 3 revisions to your track. The first take you receive is labelled V1. As part of the price we can go up to V4. If we exceed V4 further amendments will be charged at £8 GBP per subsequent revision.


This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of times I have clients tell me about poor communication when using similar services in the past. As part of the price, you will receive direct and timely communication throughout the process.

100% satisfaction guarantee

You don't pay until you are completely satisfied. This ensures you walk away with drum tracks you love!


Discounts for larger projects

If your project consists of 3 or more songs, I'm pleased to offer discounts on the total cost. The more songs I record for you, the better the deal.

Simple all-inclusive price

Hiring me to record remotely will always be far more affordable than renting a studio, hiring an engineer and drummer separately.

Secure payment portal

When you're 100% satisfied with your drum tracks, you can pay using my secure payment portal. Pay using credit or debit card, PayPal® or BACS payment for UK residents.

UK Online Session Drummer
Online Mixing & Mastering

If the idea of mixing drums from scratch is a little daunting, then I can provide you with a mixed and mastered stereo .WAV of your drum track. Using top of the range monitoring equipment, you can be guaranteed a stereo mix that sounds consistent on your best speakers, right the way through to your iPod earphones!

+£12 GBP
Max Saidi Online Studio Drummer

I can provide you with a set of stems with my processing printed to them. This will save you time having to adjust independent EQs and compressors – it's all done for you! All you have to do is change the levels accordingly to get a great sounding mix!

+£8 GBP

Filmed in HD, clients often use it as a ‘making-of’ to their project, or simply something to share on social media / YouTube, etc.

+£15 GBP