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My acoustic drum track package consists of up to 14 channels of studio-quality audio, completely raw and unprocessed, so you have maximum control when it comes to mixing.

I have a vast array of drums and cymbals to suit various genres, and it's all captured through Universal Audio and Audient hardware to achieve that studio-quality sound. My mic cabinet is fully loaded and ready to go, including Coles 4038 ribbons right through to a selection of large and small diaphragm condensers.

Meticulous attention is given to each microphone placement, ensuring there are no phase problems.

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Coles 4038 Remote Drum Tracks
Bespoke live custom drum tracks – recorded through industry-leading preamps, converters and microphones.
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Coles 4038
Universal Audio
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“Max took a a difficult arrangement, and made it sound amazingly tight and smooth, with a huge groove factor.. And his drums sounds mixed so well in the track!”
Craig T. Fall, Producer

Craig .T Fall – Producer





In order to be fair, I have moved away from a fixed-pricing scheme. Every song demands a different amount of time and effort, and it simply doesn’t make sense to price every project the same.


As a guide, tracks can cost between £79–£119 depending on complexity, number of songs required and any optional extras.


I offer discounts for larger projects if all the tracks are recorded in one go. That way, I can get the kit set up exactly right for your project and give all my attention to your work with minimal changes needed between songs. Recording this way gives you the best results.

Please contact me to talk through your project and for a bespoke quote tailored to your needs.

At a glance; 14 raw, studio-grade multitrack files + UNLIMITED revisions (no one else offers this as part of their standard pricing)


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Max Saidi, Online Session Drummer
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Do I get to listen to my drum tracks before paying?

Yes, absolutely! Once I have recorded your drum track, you will receive a private link to listen to your drum tracks. Payment is not required until I send you the high-quality mulitracks.

Is your UNLIMITED revisions policy really unlimited?

Yes! To me, it doesn't make sense to force only 1 or 2 adjustments on a project. Nobody wins if you are left with drum tracks that aren't exactly perfect, or you feel unable to ask for exactly what you want.

What if I'm not happy?

If in the unfortunate event you're not happy, you pay nothing! Payment is only required before I send you the high-quality mulitracks.

How do I pay and what currencies do you accept?

When you're completely happy with your drum tracks, I will send you an invoice where you can make payment. Payments are handled by Stripe for maximum security. Stripe can process 135+ currencies.