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Welcoming the New Coles 4038’s!

Found in almost every commercial recording studio up and down the UK, you will most likely come across at least one of these microphones...

The Coles 4038 microphone went into production in the '50s and was manufactured specifically for use by the BBC. The technical specifications of the 4038 have remained unchanged even to this day!

The 4038 has become many producers' 'desert island' microphone.

Its ability to smooth out the high frequencies of cymbals and fatten-up kicks and toms has made it synonymous with drum overheads. It's all thanks to its flat frequency response, and with it being a ribbon microphone, it takes EQ extremely well.

After many hours of research and speaking to producer friends of mine, I placed an order and took delivery of a matched pair!

As soon as they turned up at the studio, I placed them above the drums and instantly understood why these microphones are so desirable. (You need heavy-duty mic stands as these things are heavy!).

They have already featured on a large number of remote sessions, and clients have had nothing but great things to say about them – which for me, is the most important thing.

If you want to hear them on your tracks, get in touch!

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