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4 Essential Tips for Mixing Great Drum Tracks

It's no secret that mixing drums can be one of the most challenging tasks in mixing audio. But with the right tips and advice, it can be a lot easier. This blog post will discuss some essential tips on mixing great-sounding drums into any song. I'll also talk about some of my go-to plugins for creating excellent drum mixes that I rely upon daily in my studio.

1. EQ

First, make sure your drum tracks are correctly EQ'd. This is perhaps the most crucial step in getting great-sounding drums. If your drums sound muddy or have too much low end, they'll interfere with other frequencies and muddy up the rest of your mix. I recommend using a high-pass filter (especially on overheads) to remove unwanted frequencies and boost the highs and mids to taste.

While there might be a few ground rules to follow when EQing, there's no right or wrong way most of the time; trust your ears.

2. Compression

Second, adding some compression to your drums can bring them to life. This will help even out the levels of your drums and make them sound more punchy. The sky's the limit here; experiment and have fun with your favourite audio compressor settings.